http://www.egkinc.com/images/celebrity-banner.jpgCelebrity Management's personal and confidential services are created to simplify and manage our client's unique business and lifestyle needs. Our boutique management firm deftly manages and supports any endeavor from simple tasks to highly complex, critical transactions. Our staff of consultants has varying degrees from a Bachelors in Business to MBA to Juris Doctorate.

This exclusive service facilitates the many needs of high profile professionals in all industries. Our highly trained associates can handle management of the many aspects involved in a busy professional's life. Our clients get top-notch assistance which includes, securing endorsements and sponsorships, household assistance, property management, arranging travel itineraries, hiring personnel, designing websites, managing fan mail and on-site assistance. Professionals get the in-depth and quality assistance that they need to optimize their time and public images.

Our rates are competitive and we satisfy your expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation. We provide an exclusive service to all our clients. You decide how much or how little assistance you need.

When hiring a full time employee, you are confronted with a wide array of legal obligations from worker’s compensation to disability claims to hassle of taxes.

When we are contracted, these are not your worries. You don't need to have us on every week full time. You use our services as you need us. We are experts in the field of assisting high profile individuals to the simple laid back entrepreneur. Whatever your needs, we are there without the high cost and expense of hiring an employee.